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Abstract: We can earn good 'sideline' income while helping end global warming and 3rd World poverty!

This blog can bring you lifelong joys: (1) high 'sideline' income; (2) profitable bonding activities with your friendship networks; (3) large-scale business opportunities with friends and contact companies; (4) new multi-racial friendship nets; (5) new profitable skills learned; (6) great tropical vacations; (7) spiritual fulfillment in helping end global warming while creating jobs for hordes of 3rd World poor; (8) a heroic name bequeathed to generations of your familial line. 
Incredibly, you and your friendship nets may attain all these mainly thru the magic of the internet!
Start right now!  Read all the posts in this blog consecutively.  Then inform your friendship nets to read the posts as well.  The result may well be great bonding discussions and planning sessions thru your nets' blogs and websites.  As everyone repeats the bonding process among more friendship circles, your 'redeemer brigade' may very well form, make concerted plans, and actually move to …
Recent posts

Imperative 51: It should all start with world-scale promotions!

What should be humanity's prime target these days?  It's avoidance of the coming end of times: human extinction before year 2100.  That is, unless the world's skilled masses become able to sequester majority of some 700 billion tons of long-resident CO2 within Earth's atmosphere, plus 36-40 million tons more of the gas ejected by world industries and transports each year.  Concurrently, some five billion 3rd World poor need to be given good jobs as well so they may participate in setting up sufficient numbers of mega co-op joint venture groups that will create clean and green industries able to bring down Earth's atmospheric CO2 to pre-industrial levels.  As one among the world's skilled masses who form the only capable sector towards attaining such planet-scale ends, YOU now hold the fate of humanity in your hands, like it or not.  Why?  Because if you depend on politicians and others like most everyone else as usual, hardly any truly effective action will ens…

Imperative 50: Ocean phytoplankton fertilization versus global warming, Part 3 of 3

Fertilizing the world's oceanic waters will require planet-scale action by no less than all humanity's skilled sectors: employee masses, governments, public and private corporations, fisheries industries, international Funds, mega co-op corporate groups, climate change organizations and other institutions.  How?  Here are tactics which should prove feasible because they are based on the profit motive, which largely runs the world:
    1) Climate change advocates worldwide who work in corporations, governments and other organizations have to campaign for formulation and world-scale adoption of ocean fertilization tactics such as presented in this blog.  The hard-sell: a) corporations and mega co-ops will gain enormous profits by engaging in 'intrapreneurship' based on coastal and 'blue sea' aquaculture lines (floating and submerged cages, artificial reefs, floating fish shelters or 'aggregating devices', traps, etc.) that require inexpensive fertilization…

Imperative 49: Ocean phytoplankton fertilization versus global warming, Part 2 of 3

Out of the scientific observations presented in post 47, we can discern the most effective and fastest-track tactic to sequester most of Earth's over 700+ billion tons of long-resident CO2, plus 40-60 billion tons more of the gas added each year.  Here are the scientific facts and their logical conclusions:
    1) Three years after the Pinatubo ash were scattered worldwide,  Earth's usual warming temperatures resumed.  Apparently, fertilization with iron, sulfur and silica is effective in sequestering CO2 up to the time when such minerals have been totally absorbed by 'phytos' within the fertilized ocean section.  Scientific instruments can measure lowered levels of such minerals within the oceanic water column.  Conclusion: We have to fertilize 'arid' parts of the world's 'blue water' parts of oceans, and do it on continuing or perpetual basis.
    2) Iron as trace mineral is a necessity for oceanic plants' photosynthesis, whereby CO2 gets conver…

Imperative 48: 23rd vision: ocean phytoplankton fertilization versus global warming, Part 1 of 3

Recent significant events have demonstrated the critical role of ocean phytoplankton in sustaining life on earth.  Also known as saltwater algae, ocean 'phytos' are thousands of types of microscopic, unicellular plant-like organisms that float or swim about within sunlit areas of oceanic waters.  Like terrestrial plants, 'phytos'  use CO2, sunlight and various minerals to survive, grow and multiply, and release oxygen into the waters as by-product.  'Phytos' form the base of Earth's oceanic food chain and have been known to supply some 70% of Earth's atmospheric oxygen before industrial times.  Here are certain indicators of 'phytos' critical roles, as sourced from various internet websites:
    1) In 1991 the Philippine volcano Mt. Pinatubo blew out 40,000 tons of ejecta such as silica sand, pumice rock fragments, minerals, sulfur dioxide, volcanic glass, ash and fine clay into the atmosphere.  Some twenty million tons of ash and sulfur dioxide …

Imperative 47: I-Congress laws for State/Business synergy and Judicial efficiency

The Philippines' current $4,000 or so per citizen gross domestic yearly production is far short of 1st World equivalents at $10,000-up.  Two major causes apart from the past factors discussed in previous posts help explain such stumbling block against mass progress.  One is the near-total separation of State and private sector economic activities.  Another is Justice System inefficiency and corruption.  To address the said issues, two additional I-Congress laws have to be passed and implemented: 
    1.0 Century Business Planning Law: Trillions of pesos in State tax proceeds as well as billions of dollars in foreign exchange receipts and loans are currently managed by State thru yearly budgeting by Congress, the Executive branch and local governments. From independence year 1946 to present, the leaderships of such State components have been dominated by lawyers.  As everyone knows, lawyers' training and nature of work focus on regulation of business and citizen activities, not …

Imperative 46: I-Congress laws versus high inflation, State profligacy and nationwide over-borrowing

To further help in ending mass poverty, laws that enforce pro-people monetary management by State need to be passed and promulgated by the Philippine I-Congress as follows:
    1.0 State Spending Limit Law:  Yearly State budget increases must not exceed 10 years' average inflation-adjusted gross domestic production rate increase. Such provision will prevent old-style politicians' excessive expansions of money and credits ostensibly for development but are instead used for unproductive vote-attracting projects with 40-50% arrangers' commission 'on the side'.  Economic logic and history consistently point out that unproductive State expenditures lead to unbridled price increases of goods and services (which hurt the masses most), but such history just keeps on repeating itself in the Philippines.  Hence our State Spending Limit Law together with other related laws should address the following targets: 
    1.1 End Philippine politicians' tendency to allocate enormo…